The Academy of the Knights of Eorzea is essentially the structure of our community. New members will go through the process of learning, they will be engrossed in the instructional path's provided whether it be learning of the Elements and discovering the powers of healing, or taking up a Sword and Shield to defend the weak. The Academy is our way of creating a meaningful story, a meaningful connection but most importantly a clear cut way of us to delve into the depths of lore and mythos. As we truly care about the lore of Final Fantasy XIV it is important for us to also embrace the realistic struggles one would face in its wide open world. The best way to understand this structure is to continue reading and to look over our current Teacher to Student System.

Squire is the New Member rank to the Knights of Eorzea. They are often assigned to a Knight or Mage (Depending on what education they seek upon Joining) to learn the way's of Combat but not only Combat but to provide them an education of the world around them. A new Member will go through Classes, Hands on Missions and eventually face a series of trials (Five Total) to see whether they are ready or not to advance onto the Next Tier of their Membership. Squires upon Promotion will be given the status of Knighthood. Knighthood is only in title, it does not pretain to just Melee and Physical Ranged Classes but to Magic Classes as well. Knighthood is a Status, a Symbol of your characters stature. As a Squire your objective is to push through the trials, push through the objectives and obtain the status of Knighthood. As a Squire you will be assigned to a Member of the Knight's to be educated, to learn martial or aetherial related arts, and most importantly how to be a Knight.

The Path to Knighthood is a arduous one. Wrought with peril and duty, individuals who go down this path are often those who are on the front line to conflict itself. They are the defender's of Eorzea, those with the heart to stand against the encroaching darkness and the steel will to stay steadfast against the onslaught's of corruption. Of course one does not simply become a Knight. Knight's are forged and have been previously challenged by a onset of trials that have made them who they are. Those who took on this Path will take on Squire's of their own to teach in the way of Combat. To hone not only their physical bodies but to ensure their mentality is equally as strong and serve as a symbol of Justice within Eorzea. Below is the Rank Structure of the Knighthood.

Rank Name  Objectives

New Member Rank
Assigned to a Knight or Above
Will be promoted after 2 Weeks.


•New Member Rank
•Assigned to a Knight or Above
•Will go through a series of RP before being approved for Promotion
•Promotion Ready once all Five Trials are Completed
•Will before the Promotion Ceremony tell Leadership if they'd like to take on a Squire or Not.

Knight •Given a Squire and if decided they didnt want one this will be the Highest Rank one
Can obtain until they do indeed take a Squire and Train them to Knight.

•Must Run Five Trials for their Squire
•Can undertake Jobs & Tasks
•Promotion Ready Once They've Risen their Squire to Knighthood.
High Knight •In Command of a Small Squad (3 Knights)
•Host 1 Event Each Week for their Squad
•Responsible for Overseeing Knight's and Their Squire Progression
•Responsible for Recruiting
Commander    •In Command of 2 Squads (2 High Knights, 6 Knights)
•Host 1 Event Each Week for Both Squads
•Responsible for Overseeing the High Knights under their charge to ensure Quality is being delivered. To get Status Reports.
•Responsible for Recruiting
•They sit at the Command Table with the Leader
Leader •Leader of the Free Company
•Responsible for Company Wide Events, 1 a week.
•Responsible for Creating Bonds with other Free Companies.
•Creating Server Events to Encourage Relationships with other FC's as well as encourage Growth.
•Responsible for Recruiting
•Sit's at the Head of the Command Table with other Commanders
•Site Administrator

Below are the Divisions Members can Join upon Hitting the Rank of Knight. Before Joining a Division though as a Squire you are temporarily assigned one or the other as your Mentor will be officially apart of either the Martial Division or the Aetherial Division.

The Martial Division is responsible for holding the line. They are your Warriors, Paladins, Monks, Bards, Dragoons, Machinists, and Ninja's. They are the individual's who excel at protecting other's and also spearheading offensive operations. Below are the three ranks of growth within the Martial Division. When they take on a Squire they teach the Squire Martial Skills like Swordplay, Archery, Hand to Hand and much more. They may even teach practical medicine (Without Magic) and survival skills (Setting up a Camp, Fishing, Hunting and Tracking). They have a plethora of experience that should be noted.

The Aether Division is composed of members who practice the arts of Healing and Offensive Magics. They are also home to Summoner's as well. This Division will aid the Martial Division in operations as well as oversee the research of aetherial technique's. They may not be on the front-line but they shall support the Company with their wide arrange of Magic as well as aid the wounded in the middle of conflict as well as afterward. When they take on a Squire they teach them these fundamental's and help foster a education of growth and prosperity through Arcane arts. Things they may teach range from Aetherial Knowledge, Lore Education, Aetherial Tracking (Tracking Traces of Aether), Rune Inscribing and Reading and other matter's not noted here.