Welcome to the Library of the Knights of Eorzea. Within these great halls you shall find reports, historical data, individual profiles, and epic tales of heroism all from the record's and accounts of members within the Order of Knights that go by the full name Knights of Eorzea. Members of the Order that would like to contribute their work to this Library should contact Ryslo Suramlo through Courier (Private Message Via the Forums) and submit their work accordingly. This work will be available for all members of the Order to review, read, and learn from. Not only will this Library have written accounts but photo accounts as well as Recorded one's via Aetherial Means. So please feel free to read through the various books, scrolls and reports especially if you feel lost with the current affairs that the Knights themselves are contending with. The below archived Recording just gives you a brief understanding of what the Knights are like. If you'd like to know more and your a vistor we also would encourage you to go through our great halls and skim over our archives. Though if your looking for a quick Summary the following points will help you a great deal.

Knights of Eorzea Offers.

  • Small House in the Mist (We have funds for a Mansion)
  • Unique Ranks: Recruit, Squire, Knight, High Knight, Knight Captain, Knight Commander
  • Mentor Program, Knights and Higher Take on small Missions that our members can partake in to effect the overall story of our Chapter Missions!
  • 2 - 3 Roleplay Events Each Week
  • 1 - 2 Player Vs. Enviroment Events Each Week
  • Rank 8 Free Company Status
  • 2 Rank 50 Airships, 1 Rank 40+ Airship
  • Linkshell Option
  • Ranking and Progression based on Merit and Activity.
  • A Functional RP System that Awards Longevity rather then Favoritism.
  • A friendly enviroment with plenty of willing people that are eager to help New and Old Folks alike