T H E - F I F T H - B O O K :  G Y R - A B A N I A

The Knights of Eorzea passed through Belsar's Wall toward the War Torn Nation of Ala Mhigo. Their journy was wrought was perils and tribulations that they would not have considered possible but thus is life. Life often throws us curve balls and as the Knights settled they would lose a few to their Cause. Longtime members Greimort, Simeon & Nuala would find their paths veering off from that of the order. Newcomer's Ayame and Bati would disappear before they could get their feet anymore entangled with the hardships that the Knights of Eorzea would surely face out in the wilds of the Peaks and Fringes. The Knights once again found themselves entangled in the affairs of the Oracles, this time being haunted by a female named Mura. Also they'd be decieved by an ally they had thought they had. A brother to Bard Arkwright, Skjall would betray the Order taking Carmen in custody while Bard nearly would lose his life. In the short scheme of things Ala Mhigo would test the mettle of this Order.. and thankfully they could gain leverage over the Oracle and win their fight there only to still be without Carmen in the end. It was also discovered that Mura was a being that had possessed the body of a girl named Sayumi, and this Sayumi was married to a man named Hideo Nizuma. At Sayumi's death she came forth expelling Mura's spirit only to say goodbye to Hideo and give a gift to the Order of Knights in hopes of aidding them well after she was gone. This Gift, A small blue crystal tied to a chord of gold. Skjall was still out there, Carmen still a hostage, but the Knights gained a Victory even though there had been costs along the way.

Chapter One: Lay of the Land.
The Knights would during this event break up into two groups to survey the territory known as the Peaks. 

Chapter Two: Oracle - Mura.
The Knights would be confronted by the Oracle named Mura, She'd set an ambush for the Knights and force the Knights to Retreat. It was during this encounter we learned that the Oracles seem to have either allied with the Imperials or had swayed some to join their cause.

Chapter Three: To High Ground.
The Knights would be forced to retreat, so they headed to the Higest Point they could knowing they could not remain where they had. This night was a simple moving locations, nothing significant occured.

Intermission: Promotion Ceremony.
Even during the Darkness there must be Light. Members during this Event were elevated in status as their efforts beyond Belsar's Wall continued.

Chapter Four & Five: The Plight's of Two Swords.
The Knights would go on Patrol in Chapter Four, They'd take Imperial Hostages into Custody. Chapter Five was the Interrogation of said Hostage who had links to the Oracles not just the Imperials. It was Chapter Five they learned a great deal about the Oracles which can be found in our Organization's Section of our Library. It was during Chapter Four that we should note that the Nights witnessed the Oracles Draining 'Life Aether' from Ala Mhigan Sacrifices. Sacrifices they had captured during their time in the Ala Mhigan Territories. 

Chapter VI Part I & II: Chasing the Comets Tail.
Here the Knights Split their numbers for the Night, One group went to the Comet's Tail (A Cave in the Fringes) and the other went to meet up with a man by the name of Skjall. The group at the Comet's tail would be attacked and a trap would be sprung as they got attacked from two sides and the group meeting up with Skjall and his band of soldiers would be betrayed by Skjall who was meant to serve as reinforcements for the Comet's Tail Assault. This ended with Carmen being Kidnapped, Bard being tossed off a Bridge and the Nights fleeing to Belsar's Wall to mend their wounds.

Chapter VII: Hideo's Broken Heart.
The Finale of this Book, The Knights tried one last time to save Ala Mhigan Captives that had been taken by the Oracle (Mura). Here they'd discover the Captives were freed by a man named Hideo and a final confrontation occured between the Knights and this Oracle. Here the Oracle would lose, though she did accomplish her mission of obtaining a massive quantity of Aether using a Black Pearl she had during Chapter Four and Chapter VI. Here the group learned that Mura was actually the being possing the body of a girl named Sayumi. Sayumi would die but in her last breaths would give Hideo an item to give the Knights. The item was a Necklace by the name of Sayumi's Tear.