T H E - F I R S T - B O O K : F I R S T - S T E P S

Like any great adventure hero's are typically not born, they are made. The Knights of Eorzea are no differnt. The earlier members were seen as the wicks to a candle that had just been lit and the source of their flame coming to them by the name of Tyrion, a Member of the Oracles of Empyrean. Claiming that his group was serving the greater good, that they strived to liberate the Ala Mhigan's from their current plight. He had seen this ragtag group of Four hovering around the Refugee's of Lost Hope. Which this ragtag group was comprised of Ryslo Suramlo, Bard Arkwright, Cyneler Fenrir & Julietta Foxglove. This meeting between Tyrion and the Knights of Eorzea would brief at best. They would exchange names and briefly converse, as the mention of work loomed between the two sides which seem to entice the Knights of Eorzea and so they took it. After all they were newly formed and eager to get to work and the job to assist the refugee's of Little Ala Mhigo seemed to be right up alley. So spending a few more nights at Lost Hope, the Knights ensured things were settled enough there before they headed off to Little Ala Mhigo where Greimort, Knife , Aubriene, Natalia, Natsu and Hainer would Join. They would take up jobs that involved scouting, foraging for food & Hunting, as well as slaying creatures that made their lives difficult. Their last Mission in Thalana involved them defending a make shift outpost deep in the desert where they would discover Imperial Insurgent's trying to play off the attack as if it came from the Amalja'a. At the end of this Chapter though, Natalia would disappear. Her fate was left unknown.