T H E - F O U R T H - B O O K : H E A D I N G - E A S T

The Knights of Eorzea have done a great deal of good in Eorzea, and sometimes its hard to forget where time goes. It has been many moon's since they first set out on their Journey, since the Birth of their Goals were brought forth into the world. They've faced all sorts of problems extending from Thugs, Hunger, Assassins, Cults, Beasts and of course the Oracles. They've fought tirelessly to keep good on their faith and promises as they marched through Thanalan, The Shroud, Coerthas and even La Noscea. Now they set fourth against their biggest challenge yet to come. They prepared themselves to head East in this Book. Heading to Camp Tranquil as they setup make shift tents and closing the door to their Head Quarters for their Jouney East will be long. What awaits them in the same danger's that await anyone heading east, the Empire. Though their goal is not to directly engage in the war, but rather aid those stuck in it.. it is without doubt that they will be dragged into the conflict. So many members of the Order during this Book prepared themselves by taking care of personal business and other affairs. It will be sometime until the Knights go back home.