The Knights of Eorzea is a Free Company on the Server of Balmung. The Knights of Eorzea was established on December 16th, 2016 by Ryslo Suramlo, Bard Arkwright, & Carmen Arkwright. Since the inception of the Knight's they have grown from four members to a budding community of 40+. The original concept was to bring a PnP styled RP system to Balmung that both engaged and rewarded the members involved. Since then our RP system has gone over several reiterations all based on the feedback received by the community both past and present members.

Our focus is to develop meaningful stories through the participation of multiple user's who partake in events known as 'Chapters'. These Chapters are parts of a whole which is known to the Members of KOE as 'Books'. Not only is our focus on the development of in character engagements but we also participate in PvE elements as well such as Map Runs, Eureka (that is to be released) and generally helping our community get through the content of the game. Lastly, our community holds a Tavern Element to our developed RP culture. This Tavern is more or less an Adventurer's Bar where people can get together (Within and outside our FC) to talk about their ventures, pass along information and even make requests of the our free company to work alongside their own. Joint ventures will be discussed with the leaders of each group and arrangements will also be done this way. Lastly if we are to secure a Mansion our Tavern Nights will also feature a Chapel Evening as well, where people can go to pray to the twelve and/or be around others who's characters share common interest.

Our ultimate goal is to make KOE accessible to combat oriented characters as well as non-combat oriented ones in return, blending the two styles together to make a deep and meaningful world on which our characters can embark upon. Leading us to a immersive and interactive engagement all around all while trying to keep social clique's to a minimal but blending people together in unique situations..

Knights of Eorzea Offers.

  • Small House in the Mist (We have funds for a Mansion)
  • Unique Adventurer Ranks: Recruit, Squire, Knight, High Knight, Knight Captain, Knight Commander
  • Unique Tavern Ranks: Head Pom, Vice Pom, Event Coordinator, Greeter, Bar Tender, Performer, Security
  • Mentor Program, Knights and Higher Take on small Missions that our members can partake in to effect the overall story of our Chapter Missions!
  • 2 - 3 Roleplay Events Each Week
  • 1 - 2 Player Vs. Enviroment Events Each Week
  • Rank 8 Free Company Status
  • 3 Rank 50 Airships, 1 Rank 40+ Airship & 1 Rank 5 Submarine
  • Linkshell Option
  • Ranking and Progression based on Merit and Activity.
  • A Functional RP System that Awards Longevity rather then Favoritism.
  • A friendly enviroment with plenty of willing people that are eager to help New and Old Folks alike