O U R - P R I M A R Y - R U L E S

A G E - R E S T R I C T I O N : 1 7 +

We are an 18+ guild due to our understanding of not being 'family friendly'. We will curse, use terms, language, and terminology not suited for those under the age of 18 legally. However, if one of our members who are of the legal age can vouch for a younger member younger then 18 years, exceptions to this rule may be made. Accommodations must be arranged with Guild Leadership.

A - N E W - S T A R T

Since this is a community and we are trying to develope a meaningful relationship with every member as well as trying to demolish the walls of the unfortunate formation of clique's all members start at the Rank of Squire. It's important to understand that just because your a Squire does not mean you lose your character's rich history. It is simply a courtesy to help you get involved in our communtiy and a custom to our rp system. We like to think everyone has a fair footing with us and this is the best way to handle it. Plus Squires are always paired up with Knights, High Knights or Commanders and that will minimize the formation of Cliques.

C H A I N - O F - C O M M A N D

Believe it or not this is valuable. This helps keep the chaos at bay and helps minimize problems that could otherwise develope. If you have an issue out of character with someone it is best to bring it to the attention of a Commander or the Leader of the Free Company and we will help mediate the situation and get it resolved as soon as we possibly can. All problems will be resolved on Teamspeak, and if you don't have a Microphone or Shy, your not required to talk but as far as mediation is concerned you need to be able to listen so there is no misconceptions about 'tone'. We've learned from past experiences that resolving issue's with typed word alone is not the best means. We do not want anything misunderstood or interperted.


We are a community first and foremost and we want to make sure we build bonds & bridges with one and another. In saying this we have an activity policy in place to keep our roster nice and clean but to also encourage people to simply remain in communication with us so we know out of character you are OK in real life. We don't require personal information unless you wish to share, but since we are building friendships the courtesy is to atleast communicate your status so we know everythings alright. With this all said we have a Leave of Absence Thread in place for those who are taking more then a week away from the game. You'll simply drop a line in that thread so we know why your gone and so we don't worry. If an LOA needs to be longer then two weeks, all we ask is by the end of the second week you update the LOA again.

We do monthly Roll Calls, and those who fail to post in the Rollcalls will be removed from the Free Company / Linkpearl and will be sent a message upon removal. When you are able to come back you simply just need to reapply (No progress will be lost). Now if you have an active LOA when a Rollcall comes up you'll be excused from the Rollcall as long as your LOA is active.


This must be documented by either a Screen Grab or if its conducted on teamspeak immediately you need to notify the Free Company Leader. Commanders can conduct a 24 hour ban on teamspeak if it is a teamspeak issue, but the final discussion for these cases will be delt with by the Free Company Leader and the two people involved. We do not tolerate Harassment on any level. Blatant remarks of Racism, Religious Intolerance, Judging someone on their Sexuality or any other Aggressive notion that clearly is unwelcomed will again not be tolerated. If someone has clearly has indicated discomfort then please stop the conversation. Simply respect people's Boundries.

We Practice the Safe Phrase Policy, Which means if someone states something obvious like "So about those Patriots..." or "Man the weather is cold.." admist a conversation that could otherwise be uncomfortable please drop that conversation and move on. Though we are an adult community we should still respect each other's boundries like adults.

H O R S E S - M O U T H

To minimize Drama if it does not come directly from the Leader's themselves please assume it hasnt been said. This is to avoid the blame game and minimize the chance of misunderstanding. If it is that big of an issue a post would be made or a private message sent. Otherwise if its not said by Ryslo Suramlo or Bard Directly concerning things that would otherwise hamper someone's enjoyment please dont assume it's been said.

I N - C H A R A C T E R - S T A Y S - I N - C H A R A C T E R

As it states, things that are done in character remain in character. If you don't like what is happening out of character and feel the urge to express it understand that in itself is fine but taking actions on someone out of character with in character reactions is never OK. Also if your character doesnt know something they dont, even if you as the player may know that so-and-so is up to no good. This is a huge prevention method to keeping Drama at a Minimal. 

T H R E E - S T R I K E S - A N D - Y O U R - O U T

Well the old saying goes, "Three Strikes and your Out" applies here too. The only exception is Harassment. First Offenders will be given a warning and depending on the case may even be placed on a week long probation period. Second Offense will be met with a Written Warning as well as a Verbal Warning and again depending on the situation may be placed on a 2 week probation period. Third Offense could result in a removal from the community. Just treat each other well and there shouldnt be any reason to go this far.