T H E - S E C O N D - B O O K : P L O T S - & - T W I S T S

After the events of Little Ala Mhigo and doing a lot of good with the Refugee's as well as the problems that revolved around them the Knight's of Eorzea were asked by Tyrion (Member of the Oracles of Empyrean) to proceed to the North Shroud as he would require them to do more work for him. Of course the Knight's had no reason to deny his request, after all they built a bond with the people of Little Ala Mhigo and gained their trust which was difficult but they overcame this difficulty. So packing up they proceeded to the Twelveswood. Not at all was easy though, In fact as they left they came to a part in their path that had strewn all across the ground parts and pieces of a few Ala Mhigan's. They looked into this, and found strong evidence that there was a fight and struggle. It was here they found a Bag seeping with blood through the linen, and within the bag the Head of Tyrion. With their employer dead, they still proceeded to the Shroud where they believed they could still do good while wanting to come to further answer's around why this happend to Tyrion in the first place. Well they would get their Answer Quickly, The Knights would be engaged against a Scouting Party from Little Ala Mhigo which immediately went on about how the Knight's Betrayed them. That they knew the Knights of Eorzea were double Agents for the Empire. Of course this was not true but they wouldn't listen, after all they were the one's that severed Tyrion's head. Combat Ensued and it wasn't going in the favor of the Knight's. That is until reason was struck upon the Little Ala Mhigan's and they came to realize that Tyrion had given his life to set them on course to kill the Knights of Eorzea. With that settled and no reason given why Tyrion would do this they proceeded to their designation of Hyrstmill.

Hyrstmill, Served as the Knight's second home. Here they would get to know the local's as well as continue to do their work. They began to take on jobs crafted by their own vices which involved tasks like Patrolling the Shroud, Securing Southern Part of Coerthas, Defending Hrystmill from Rogue Elements and wandering Patrol's of Imperials. What was odd was the fact Imperials came that far into the Shroud, of course this would be later discovered in the book that they were directed to do so. Regardless the Knights took on many tasks while in the Shroud and it was during this time the following people came on Board: Waht'ya, Xilatz, Avelyn, Keelindsey, Sui, Sehra, Dzoldzaya, Simeon and Hainer. Though after a brief mission, Dzoldzaya disappeared into the Night as well as Greimort and Hainer. Anyroad.. Toward the end of this Book of events, Xilatz had gone missing for a week and that is when the strange missive came. It told the Knights of Eorzea to proceed to Coerthas and to a very specific location as Xilatz had been taken captive and all the man wanted from the Knights as a chance to speak. So the Knights proceeded to the designation knowing full well it was a trap to find Waht'ya already up against the man who authored the note. It's important to know this Man utilized a strange weapon that looked like a sword but was thinner (A rapier) and in his other hand a Crystal of Purple Hew (A Catalyst). The man would disengaged with Waht'ya and begin dialogue with those present. To sum up the conversation, the Man demanded that the Knights do one more task for the Oracles of Empyrean and in return he would give them Xilatz without a fight. The Catch was Xilatz would have been branded with a mark that would ensure the Knight's had no choice but to finish the Job he would give. What was that Job? The Oracle wanted the Knights to go into Ul'dah and Kill a Flame Captain. Why didn't he do this himself? He couldn't because his hands were dirty and he'd be found out swiftly while the Knights of Eorzea have been building up their reputation and making a good name for themselves would not have been discovered as killers. Nearly agreeing, the Man was ready to Mark Xilatz but didn't have the chance as Keelindsey leapt in and intercepted the Oracle. A Fight Broke out and the Knights won, though with his final Breath the Oracle proclaimed that the Knights would be Marked now as well. With that, the Knights decided it was time to leave Hyrstmill.