T H E - S E V E N T H - B O O K : C H A N G I N G - W I N D

The Order's members including its leadership moved on from the oracles and now focused on the liberation of Othard. They couldn't very well leave the east without first helping the people they had come across and the people who had lost everything due to Tyrion's machinations. So things were set in motion that would get the Knights of Eorzea working alongside the Tea House Resistance which aimed to liberate Othard. This resistance was led by Lady Celia Osuguki & Lord Hideo Nuzumi. They were supported by Erma, Jeb & Nev who acted as field operatives who were skilled enough in their tasks to nearly fool the knight's who met them first into believing they served the Empire. With this group the Knights would learn diplomacy, they would take on an escort, they'd infilitrate a castrum to save Lady Celia and learn they were really saving the farmer's of Namai, They'd defend the town, and would stop reinforcements on the final stages of Othard's Liberation.