T H E - S I X T H - B O O K : T H E - E N D - O F - T H E - O R A C L E

This was the last book recorded of the Knights expedition against the Oracles of Empyrean. Heading to the lands of Othard, the Knights ventured through tough sea's, through crowded streets of kugane, across narrow channels of ruby sea and ultimately to the furtile lands of the Azim Steppes. It was through all their tribulations with setting up a base this far east, to their struggles of uncovering the location of an artifact (one which the oracle's had been trying to claim this entire time), to fighting pirates and so much more. This final book is the accumilation of everything the Knight's have strived to accomplish since leaving Lost Hope nearly eight moons ago at the creation of their Order. The Oracles had been stopped, the man Tyrion no more and now the Knights of Eorzea will look forward toward the future. An era of conflict for this Order has come to an end. Now they'll focus on the bigger picture; The Garlean Empire.