T H E - T H I R D - B O O K : M I R R O R E D - R E F L E C T I O N S

The Knights of Eorzea once again set out, this time focusing on taking up work rather then chasing rumors. They would take on jobs from both Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah and Ishgard. Since work was regular they knew they couldn't take all the jobs that were available to them so they had to pick and choose the jobs that required the most immediate attention. In Thanalan they took up a job that involved a Miqo'te who was cursed to live as immortal crystal. Hoping to resolve that issue they came up short when they were denied access to the area for further investigation after having faced a enemy that could have offered such. The reason they couldn't finalize the task was due to the intervention of a group that called themselves 'The Enclave' (Mischief Coven). They also took on two Jobs back to back in the Region of Falcon's Nest. Here they followed a trail of Mirror's being utilized to cause havok to the locals as people were going missing left and right in the region. Over all they were successful. They also took up a job in Bronze Lake which involved Missing Noble Ladies from the springs by an attacker who utilized mist as a means to cover their tracks. Engaging these indivdiuals the knights would prevail and the trouble at Bronze Lake would come to an end.

They had meeting after all these jobs were done to discuss the similairites between the tasks. It was clear Mirror's were present in all three locations except for Bronze Lake which oddly enough had reflections every where as the water at the lake was acting as a Massive Mirror to project the mist. They also discovered that the same 'man' was causing the issue's at all three locations. This discovered they quickly cross referenced the material they had and came to a conclusion the caster, the problem maker must be hiding in Central Coerthas. The Knights of Eorzea determind that they needed more knowledge as well as needing to find this mans location. Two teams were setup, one set to Ul'dah the other sent to Scout the Region. The team in Ul'dah came up with a great deal of information while the Scouting party found the entrance to a Cave which was protected by a barrier. All that set up, the two teams came together at the barrier. The Research form Ul'dah would help them deactivate the barrier and thus they went to confront the villian at the heart of all this madness.

Here they came face to face with an Oracle. The Knights learned a bit about these Oracles from the exchange of words given. The Oracles are Scholar's from the Time of the War of the Magi. They escaped death by utilizing the stream of life and they managed to regain their memories by the aid of Tyrion who was touched by a Echo like gift which preserved his. Tyrion discovered this Oracle of Mirror's and helped him secure the Relic before he untimely death in Book I. The Relic restored the Oracle of Mirror's memory as well as the other Oracles. This information was useful. Soon the Knights and the Oracle came head to head. The Oracle would be defeated and the Knights would be left with just more Questions...

One thing to note from this Book, A Female Oracle came in on the scene during the Fight with the Oracle of Mirror's. She broke a curse that was placed upon Bard which ultimately allowed the Knights to finally Finish off the Oracle of Mirror's. Her name was Mura.